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11-19-14 : David Greene Catches 'Midnight in Siberia: A Train Journey into the Heart of Russia'

The Character(s) of a Country

David Greene's 'Midnight in Siberia: A Train Journey into the Heart of Russia' is a subtle triumph of showing, not telling, on two levels. The characters he crafts in his engaging and entertaining travelogue arrive early and often.

We're right there with him, from page to person without a hint of his writerly skills. He simply puts us in his shoes and theirs with fewest, smartest, craftiest words he can find. And what a cast! This is people watching at its finest.

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The Republic of Imagination: America in Three Books
Azar Nafisi
Intense and ccompell;ing look at reading, re-reading and real people.

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Rick Kleffel

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NEW! 11-16-14: Time to Read Episode 183: Azar Nafisi: The Republic of Imagination: America in Three Books

11-17-14: A 2014 Interview with Azar Nafisi

"I wanted to show how close reality and fiction are..." —Azar Nafisi

You won't be able to tell from this interview, but Azar Nafisi was losing her voice when she arrived to speak with me about her new book, 'The Republic of Imagination.' I met her at Peace United Church in Santa Cruz, where she was going to be speaking later in the evening for Bookshop Santa Cruz.
11-19-14: A 2014 Interview with David Greene

"It was very easy to literally just tell their stories..." —David Greene

David Greene is as genial over the ISDN line as he sounds on NPR. He was on an assembly line schedule to discuss his book 'Midnight in Siberia.' I imagine a book tour condensed into a series of ten-minute conversations and my admiration for the man who sat through the permutations of questions with such a generous tone knows no bounds.
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