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11-19-14 : William Gibson Connects 'The Peripheral'

Time Life Books

Flynne is sitting in for her brother, Burton, test-driving a video game. Wilf Netherton is trying to herd a difficult personality. Their worlds are utterly different. But we know both worlds are our world, in some sense, in some version. How did we get from where we are now to these places? The history between any two is a compelling and intense mystery. How did we get to where we are now?

William Gibson's latest novel, 'The Peripheral,' is a perfect union of opposites, in many senses. It alternates between two protagonists, Flynne and Wilf. Flyn

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NEW! 11-22-14: Time to Read Episode 184: William Gibson: The Peripheral

11-22-14: A 2014 Interview with William Gibson

"...recalibrate my yardstick of weirdness..." —William Gibson

While I was walking with William Gibson through the atrium at KQED to talk about his latest novel, 'The Peripheral,' he was telling me about the reviews the book had garnered and his tweets about those reviews.
11-17-14: A 2014 Interview with Azar Nafisi

"I wanted to show how close reality and fiction are..." —Azar Nafisi

You won't be able to tell from this interview, but Azar Nafisi was losing her voice when she arrived to speak with me about her new book, 'The Republic of Imagination.' I met her at Peace United Church in Santa Cruz, where she was going to be speaking later in the evening for Bookshop Santa Cruz.
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